The Library will develop and expand as a collection of essays on central topics specially commissioned for this catalogue, translations of key articles from regional languages and Japanese into English, and "reprints" of older or hard-to-access articles of enduring value.

Ceramic Sherds from Southeast Asia—The Freer Study Collection and its Donors introduces the resources of the Freer Gallery Study Collection, consisting primarily of sherds and wasters collected in the field prior to 1973.

The Bibliography reflects the broad framework within which ceramics are considered in this catalogue. One important aim of this section is to foster awareness of the important scholarship conducted by scholars in Japan, all too often published only in Japanese. Subcategories of the Bibliography single out a variety of specialized topics, including published reports on materials analysis and dates for kiln sites and objects. New entries will continue to be added, and suggestions submitted through Field Notes are welcome.

The Videography lists available film footage.

Links lists other web sites of potential interest to readers of this catalogue.