Bowl, Takeo Karatsu ware

  • Stoneware with white slip, copper and iron pigments under clear glaze
  • 11 x 34.8 x 34.8 cm
  • Karatsu ware, Takeo Karatsu type
  • 1660-1700, Edo period
  • Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Whittington
  • F1987.14


Large deep bowl.
Clay: stoneware, brown to brick red on exposed surfaces, with some small white stones; appearing gray brown under clear glaze.
Glaze: on front, white slip, combed into undulating patterns, under clear glaze. glaze covers front of dish incompletely and covers only edge of back, with irregular runs.
Decoration: on front, over combed slip pattern in cavetto, one long trail of copper green and, across from it, one long trail of iron-yellow, both faint. In bottom, three large oval sandy spur marks; judging from spacing of these marks, seven or eight spurs altogether were probably used, the others not adhering to the unglazed slip areas.

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