Ceramics in Mainland Southeast Asia:
Collections in the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

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  • Stoneware with white slip under colorless and copper-green glazes
  • 4.5 x 7.8 x 7.8 cm
  • 15th century, Later Le dynasty
  • Origin: Red River Delta kilns, Hai Duong province, Vietnam
  • Provenance: Singapore
  • Gift of Dean Frasché
  • F1989.31


Small bowl with everted rim on raised everted foot.
Clay: light grey, gritty.
Glaze: clear glaze on interior, over white slip; rim unglazed; mottled copper-green glaze on exterior, pooling around foot; visible edge of foot has brownish sheen; base unglazed.
Decoration: incised under glaze on outside, three sets of multiple lines evenly spaced on body.
Mark: none.

Curatorial Remarks

1.  (L.A. Cort, 1989) Two bowls of similar shape, but with ribbed exteriors, are shown in Young et al., eds. 1982, nos. 30–31.

Young, Carol M., Marie-France Dupoizat, and Elizabeth W. Lane, eds. 1982. Vietnamese Ceramics. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society and Oxford University Press.

2.  (L.A. Cort, 13 June 1995) "Historical Region: Annam" added to attribution.

3.  (Louise A. Cort, exhibition label text, "Invitation to Tea", Gallery 6A, 9 November 1996) Media, "Glazed stoneware clay, slip" changed to "Stoneware clay, white slip under colorless and copper-green glazes." Date, "14th–15th century" changed to "16th–17th centuries." Period, "Le dynasty" added.] Produced by copper, the fresh green color of the glaze on this cup is a distinctive feature of some northern Vietnamese ceramics. This bright color differs from the soft green of celadon glaze, which is tinted by a small percentage of iron.

4.  (L. A. Cort, 19 November 1996) Dean Frasche' dates a similar cup, in the Lauriston Sharp collection (now Cornell University Art Museum) 16th–17th century (Frasché 1976, no. 109).

Frasché, Dean. 1976. Southeast Asian Ceramics Ninth through Seventeenth Centuries. New York: Asia Society.

5.  (Allison Diem, 20 October 1998) Belongs to the same family as F1994.7. A related green-glazed piece was found in the Pandanan shipwreck.

6.  (Louise Cort, 14 November 2002) "Vietnam" added to Geographical origin. Period: "Le dynasty (1428–1793)" deleted. Medium: "clay" deleted, "Stoneware with white slip under colorless and copper-green glazes" added. Deleted "1989.31" from Credit Line.

7. (Louise Cort, 6 November 2003). A cup of this type, with fluted walls, in the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, is dated 15th century. (Stevenson Guy, eds. 1997, pl. 374).

Stevenson, John, and John Guy, eds. 1997. Vietnamese Ceramics, A Separate Tradition. Chicago: Art Media Resources.

8.  (Louise Cort, 6 November 2003). To Origin, added "Red River delta."

9.  (Louise Cort, 24 March 2005) Changed Title from Bowl to Cup with copper-green glaze.

The Pandanan shipwreck (see note 4) is dated to the late 15th century; thus the date for this bowl is changed from 16th–17th century to 15th century.

10. (R. Anderson per J. Smith, Oct 12, 2010) Transfer of remark from Provenance Field: "Collected by the donor in Singapore in 1974."

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