Covered box

  • Stoneware with celadon glaze
  • 3.6 x 5.6 x 5.6 cm
  • Yue ware
  • 9th century, Tang dynasty
  • Origin: Zhejiang province, China
  • Provenance: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Gift of Dean Frasché
  • F1989.4a-b


Covered box (a) with domed lid (b), straight sides widening slightly toward top, and rounded base.
Clay: light gray with areas of reddish-brown oxidation on base and edges, indicating position of clay balls used to separate lid and body during firing.
Glaze: transluscent, thin olive green, scratched and abraded; three large round stacking scars on base.
Decoration: none.
Mark: none.

Curatorial Remarks

1.  (Louise Cort, 8 September 1995) A small Yue ware box of the same form, but with the addition of sketchily incised floral decor on the top of the lid, and with three large spur marks on the flat base, is published as Tang, 9th century, in Ōsaka Shiritsu Tōyō Tōji Bijutsukan 1994, no. 18 (diam. 4.5 cm). Nos. 17 and 19, smaller and larger respectively than no. 18, are given the same date. No. 50, a similar box given a slightly later date (Tang–Five Dynasties, 9th–10th century), has a more domed lid. All the boxes dated Five Dynasties–Northern Song, 10th–11th centuries (nos. 51–63) are wider in proportion to their height, have more complexly decorated lids, and stand on carved footrims (compare F1944.12).

"Zhejiang province," and "Yue ware" were added. Date was changed from "Song dynasty" to "Tang dynasty, 9th century."

Ōsaka Shiritsu Tōyō Tōji Bijutsukan (Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka). 1993. kara Hokusōe (Celadon of Yue ware). Vol. 2, Esshūyō no seiji. Osaka: Ōsaka Shiritsu Tōyō Tōji Bijutsukan.

2. (Najiba Choudhury, 10/28/2014) Transferred from the Provenance text field: "Collected by Dean Frasche in Nakorn Kasem ("Thieves' Market"), Bangkok, Thailand in 1957. Dated by him to the 11th-12th century."

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