• Stoneware with iron pigment inder transparent, green-toned glaze; iron wash on foot.
  • 5.6 x 27.3 x 27.3 cm
  • 14th century, Tran dynasty
  • Origin: Red River Delta kilns, Hai Duong province, Vietnam
  • Provenance: Philippines
  • Purchase — Charles Lang Freer Endowment
  • F1994.15


1. (John Forbes 25 April 1994) Finely crackled creamy white glaze on interior and creamy green glaze on exterior running evenly to foot, interior decorated with underglaze iron black floral spray in center (on which are seven pontil spur scars) surrounded by three clouds and a flaming pearl, everted rim and exterior shoulder decorated with calligraphic bands, extremely shallow foot borders bottom with traces of chocolate brown.

2. (Elzabeth Nguyen, intern, and Louise A. Cort, 8 October 1996)

Medium dish with everted rim, rounded lip, wide cavetto, small flat bottom with six spur marks and one blemish scar, on low, wide, beveled unglazed footrim.

CLAY: greyish-brown stoneware; slightly warped and uneven with bumps.
GLAZE: transparent, green tonality, with crackling. Brown wash on foot.
DECORATION: in underglaze iron pigment, grey-brown in color under the glaze and dark brown where the glaze is thin, exposing the iron to the atmosphere. The quickly and sparingly applied decor evokes a sense of continuous movement in infinite space. Inside the central medallion, marked by a circle with overlapped lines, is a floral spray resting on a leafy stem and surrounded by clusters of leaves painted as single brush lines and crowned by a wavy string. Encircling the medallion are a flaming jewel and three trailing clouds with miniature clouds attached to the tails. On the rim is a conventional classic scroll. On the exterior is a calligraphic design. Brown slip is painted on the base.

Published References

1. Brown, Roxanna M. 1988. The Ceramics of South-East Asia: Their Dating and Identification. 2nd ed. Singapore: Oxford University Press, pls. 10e and 10f, dated to the early export era (14th century).

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