Wine cup from the Hoi An Hoard shipwreck

  • Stoneware with translucent iron glaze and with cobalt decoration under clear glaze
  • 5.3 x 7.3 cm
  • Chu Dau ware
  • late 15th century, Later Le dynasty
  • Origin: Chu Dau kilns, Hai Duong province, Vietnam
  • Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David P. Rehfuss
  • F2005.6

Curatorial Remarks

1. (Louise Cort, 9 March 2008) Cups of this type, perched at the top of stacks of larger iron-glazed bowls or cobalt-decorated bowls, were excavated from within My Xa village, part of the Chu Dau complex along with Chu Dau village in Thai Tan commune, Nam Sach district, Hai Doung province (Bui and Nguyen-Long 2001, 209, fig. 79). This carved pattern is termed "mussel-shell design" and also occurs on stemcups with cobalt decoration on the interior. "Among blue and white kilns of Hai Duong it appears that only Chu Dau - My Xa produced these unique products" (ibid., 123, 330 pl. 132).

A "tea bowl" with this type of decoration on the exterior is said to have been found at Puerto Galero, Mindoro Island, and was in the Arturo de Santos collection (ibid., 174, fig. Ga).

Under origin, deleted Red River Delta kilns, added Chu Dau kilns, Chu Dau and My xa villages, Thai Tan commune, Nam Sach district. To ware added Chu Dau ware.

Bùi Minh Trí, and Kerry Nguyễn-Long. 2001. Gốm Hoa Lam Việt Nam (Vietnamese Blue and White Ceramics). Hanoi: Nhà xuảt bấn khoa học xā hội (Social sciences publishing house).

2. (Louise Cort, 30 April 2014) The donor, David P. Rehfuss, purchased this cup from the auction of the Hoi An shipwreck, "Treasures from the Hoi An Hoard," held at Butterfields on 11-13 October 2000. Lots 1696 and 1697 consisted of forty cups each of this type. The cups bore the character phuc (wealth) or chinh (righteousness) written in cobalt on the well.

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