Bowl on pedestal foot

  • Earthenware with white slip and red pigment
  • 16.7 x 16.5 cm
  • Ban Chiang culture
  • 1000-300 BCE, Ban Chiang culture, middle period, phase 6
  • Origin: Northeast Thailand
  • Gift of Victor and Takako Hauge
  • S2004.15


Earthenware vessel with red painted designs; everted rim; pedestal base.

Curatorial Remarks

1. (Ellen Chase, Louise Cort, and Blythe McCarthy, 5 May 2003) The dark red clay body is concealed by white slip on the bowl. Have the red/white decoration on the stem and the red/black on the rim been retouched? The red pigment is the same or closely similar. Uncertain whether this vessel is OK.

2. (Joyce White, 8 December 2003) The meander that splits and joins is a typical motif of Ban Chiang Middle Period 6. She has never seen the dark pigment on the rim. A very nice piece.

3. (Louise Cort, 18 August 2004) Title is changed from "Vessel" to "Bowl with pedestal foot."

4. (Louise Cort, 12 March 2008) In 1977 Roxanna Brown reported that vessels of this type were said to have come mainly from Ban Sang Du, Sakon Nakhon province (Brown 1977, 31, no. 18).

Brown, Roxanna M., Otto Karow, Peter W. Meister, and Hans W. Siegel. 1977. Legend and reality: early ceramics from South-East Asia. Kuala Lumpur and New York: Oxford University Press.

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