Vessel with round bottom

  • Earthenware with red pigment
  • 33.5 x 23 cm
  • Possibly Ban Chiang culture
  • 300 BCE-200 CE, Prehistoric period
  • Origin: Northeast Thailand
  • Gift of Victor and Takako Hauge
  • S2004.44


Globular vessel with red and white painted swirl design, constricted neck and everted rim.

Curatorial Remarks

1. (Ellen Chase, Louise Cort, and Blythe McCarthy, 6 May 2003) The neck and body are joined by a repair: if they belong together, they are misaligned. The paint pigment and painting style seem different on the two pieces. This vessel should be x-rayed.

2. (Joyce White, Ban Chiang Project, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, 8 December 2003) This vessel has the same type of rim as S2004.45. It is old, but is it attached to another pot? Or perhaps it is just an unskilled repair?

3. (Louise Cort, 18 August 2004) The same sort of decor, consisting of a large spiraling line that winds back out on itself, fills the body of a jar on the cover of Arts of Asia, November–December 1973, that is said to come from Ban Chiang.

Title is changed from "Vessel" to "Pot with round bottom and everted neck."

Griffin, Robert S. 1973. "Thailand's Ban Chiang, the birthplace of civilization?" Arts of Asia 3(6): 31–34.

4. (Louise Cort, 17 November 2014) In 2008 a sample taken from the base of this vessel was submitted to Oxford Authentication for TL testing, but the sample was inconclusive.

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