• Stoneware with iron wash and iron pigment under clear glaze
  • 6.9 x 16.9 cm
  • 14th century, Tran dynasty
  • Origin: Red River Delta kilns, Hai Duong province, Northern Vietnam
  • Gift of Osborne and Gratia Hauge, and Victor and Takako Hauge
  • S2005.84


Bowl with flared rim, round wall, short foot. Five spur marks on interior bottom.
Clay: ivory white stoneware.
Glaze: clear, green where thick, transparent, crazed; base unglazed.
Decoration: freely painted with underglaze iron black; a floral spray encircled by a ring on central medallion, bands of calligraphic strokes round the lower edge of interior and exterior rims. Brown iron slip on base.

Curatorial Remarks

1. (Candy Chan, Research Assistant, May 23, 2003) Underglaze iron decorated bowls with a floral spray on well were found in the Turiang shipwreck (+/- 1370), which carried approximately 35% Chinese ceramics, 57% Thai wares and only 8% Vietnamese wares. Sukhothai bowls with similar underglaze iron decoration were also recovered (Brown and Sjostrand 2001, color pls. 10, 12).

Brown, Roxanna M., and Sten Sjostrand. 2001. Maritime Archaeology and Shipwreck Ceramics in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur: Department of Museums and Antiques.

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