Thanks go to colleagues Ann C. Gunter, Head of Scholarly Publications and Programs; Jeffrey Smith, Assistant Registrar for Collections Information; and Sarah Sullivan, Web Manager, for their encouragement and guidance in entering this new domain of publishing. Director Julian Raby supported the idea from its earliest mention.

Thanks also go to John Tsantes, Robert Harrell, and Neil Greentree, Image and Photography Services; Rocky Korr, Tim Kirk, and Susan Kitsoulis, Collections Management; Liz Cheng, Web; Ellen Chase and Kerith Koss, Conservation and Scientific Research; and Jeffrey Cunard, Freer and Sackler Board of Trustees. Many other staff colleagues assisted as well, and we gratefully acknowledge them.

Software developer Mediatrope helped us realize our vision. We received invaluable aid and advice from many people in the larger scholarly community worldwide, and their contributions are recognized in relevant sections of the text.

This catalogue is dedicated to the Hauge family—and to Victor and Takako Hauge in particular—in gratitude for entrusting their collection to the Sackler Gallery and for supporting its documentation and publication. Their love of the ceramics of Southeast Asia is an enduring inspiration.